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Easy Art Education for Elementary Schools

Students and Teachers learn important art concepts together in classrooms, after-school programs & at home.



The multi-state adopted elementary art program has, for 28 years,  taught important art concepts to STUDENTS and TEACHERS in thousands of classrooms across the country. 

No experience is needed to deliver college-level art education in basic art elements for K-7 classrooms, after school programs or at home. 

DVD LESSONS  teach art. TEACHING GUIDES help teachers encourage great student artworks!


24 entertaining DVD video lessons teach timeless art elements. Students learn fast and create terrific artworks. The DVD program is accompanied by easy-to-use Teaching Guides offering 600 easy  art-integrated lessons for every curriculum subject.

Artsense for Parents & Artsense Read & Write

Artsense Parent Education

Artsense for Parents offers exciting and creative learning opportunities that build self-esteem in parents, and encourage positive interaction in the family. No art knowledge is required to facilitate and implement this program.

Artsense Facilitator Guide

The Artsense for Parents Guide is easy to use and offers stimulating activities based on art elements. These help parents identify and "visualize" important values  and behaviors that enhance and sustain family life.

Artsense Parent Activities

Art  activities make parenting lessons fun!

 EXAMPLE: COLOR is related to how we express ourselves.  Our feelings are like colors. Sometimes we react with "hot " anger. Sometimes we're "cool."

Artsense Read & Write for Students

Art is far older than the written word. Yet today, children draw their thoughts before they can write them down. Art elements are the "visual grammar" that helps express ideas and learning.

Read & Write Activity Masters Notebook

Students study a subject. Read a related picture book.  Answer discussion questions and have fun with activity masters that offer  vocabulary and phonetic spelling. This notebook of masters makes it all easy!

Reading, Writing & Art Activities for All Grades

Students are inspired by the study of science, social studies and popular illustrated children's literature. To express what they have learned, they write creatively and create artworks.  These artworks may be displayed with students' creative  writings. 

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